The 2nd Harlem Renaissance:
The Wilbert Paige Memorial
Chess Tournament

by Daaim Shabazz, Ph.D.

On the 13 July 2001, 10 of the world's top chess players of African descent assembled in historic Harlem to help fulfill a dream for many. The Wilbert Paige Memorial tournament, which had been conceived months earlier by Jones Murphy Jr. and organized largely by the efforts of Jerry Bibuld, was now on the brink of happening! This booklet takes an intimate look at the tournament and provides day-by-day commentary, analysis, annotated games, and more than 60 photos on the 64 pages! If this booklet captures just a semblance of  the spirit that reverberated throughout the Black chess world for those ten days then, as a reader, you will have received a tremendous blessing. One thing for sure, the Wilbert Paige Memorial will leave an indelible impression etched in the minds of those who witnessed an occasion "for the ages." It was truly special. . . a Black chess renaissance!

Relive the moment!!

Please contact The Chess Drum to arrange an order of "The 2nd Harlem Renaissance: The Wilbert Paige Memorial Chess Tournament." Each booklet is $US10.00. The receipt of any payment will be confirmed. Thank you for your patronage and enjoy!

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